Case Studies

Assisting with Elderly Parent's Home

Many times we are asked to help adult children prepare their family home for sale after their parents move to a nursing home or pass on. Family members frequently live outside of the area and are left to handle all of the details. We find that they often don't have the time, are emotional exhausted, or often do not have the local resources to tackle a project of this magnitude. 

In this particular case, the realtor hired us after getting the listing when the owner of the house passed on. The home, occupied for 40 years, was filled to the brim with mementos from a full life and it needed to look good enough to sell. After careful coordination between the family and the realtor, it was decided to empty the home of all possessions and freshen up with paint and new floors. (We also offer staging services, but it was not requested for this home).

In less than 30 days we were able to complete the following tasks:

  • Organized a dumpster and removed all unwanted items from the home;

  • Coordinated donation of furniture, small household items and other possessions and provided the homeowner with tax donation forms for deductions;

  • Gathered multiple quotes for work to be done: painting, carpet removal and hard wood refinishing;

  • Identified a furnace issue and leveraged relationships with one of our HVAC companies to repair it;

  • Oversaw painting and floor refinishing;

  • Provided a complete cleaning​.

We are happy to say the home went from 'full and difficult to appreciate' to 'bright, spacious and sparkling clean' in less than a month.