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While growing up, my family would only call a plumber, carpenter or other tradesman as a last resort. My engineer father was very handy, and made sure that his four kids all knew how to (properly) hold and swing a hammer, an ax, or whatever tool was necessary to do their part in getting the job done. I think I learned how to use a slide rule before a ruler. :)

Years later, when my husband and I were juggling work and four kids of our own, we found it much more challenging to find the time and energy to do everything ourselves. We would do what we could, but were much more willing to call for professional assistance when something needed fixing. As much as I felt funny about hiring someone to do a job I thought I could tackle myself, it sure was nice not to have to worry about it.

As our kids grew older and more independent, I had more time for DIY projects, but also wanted to find something outside the home to call my own. I thought of going back to my former profession as an international transportation consultant, but the required travel made that impossible. I tried other jobs, from a cosmetics rep to a Spanish language translator in hospitals and courtrooms, but didn’t find the right fit of work and home life.  

About three years ago, I started to notice opportunities around the South Shore where someone with a can-do attitude could help others manage their busy lives better: realtor friends scrambling to get a house ready for a showing or a sale; ice dams on the eaves of the houses of “snowbirds” gone for the winter; etc. I started thinking about what I really liked to do, and what skills I could call on, and so began Eldredge Property Services.

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I joined Eldredge Property Services (EPS) in the spring of 2016.  I have a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology where I helped people with Traumatic Brain Injuries learn ways to re-enter the community through teaching individuals organizations skills among other executive function tasks.  After 17 years in this field, I left to focus on family. I spent the majority of the past 5 years managing a busy household and years working as my own general contractor on remodeling our home and completing major renovations.


Some may say I can’t relax unless there is a big project going on in our home. There is some truth to that.  Although I appreciate a well kept home, I also enjoy living among the excitement of walls coming down, floors being ripped up, plaster and paint drying.  If I am not enjoying time with my husband and children, there is a good chance I can be found redecorating a room or rummaging through a home décor magazine.


While I am grateful to be able to be a stay at home mom, there is a lot to be said for having to get up and report to a job.   When I heard about EPS, it was exciting for me to think that I could put my hobbies and passion for helping others to work.  After meeting Kate and seeing that we had similar values, work ethic and family responsibilities, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join her.

With any task I am assigned, I apply my organizational skills, attention to detail, follow through, commitment and honesty.  There is no task that Kate and I will not tackle.  I love that one day you may find us filling a dumpster or meeting with contractors to develop a renovation plan and the next we may be fluffing pillows, moving furniture or shopping for groceries for our seasonal clients.  I look forward to helping you manage your property. 

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Denise Sparrow

Social Media Maven,

Director of Done!

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Of the many things I love to do, sitting still is not one of them- so when given the opportunity to join the EPS team in June of 2017, I was thrilled to join Kate and Cara.

Growing up, my parents shared their love of being DIY’ers. Whether it was building a pergola, turning over the vegetable garden, creating a culinary dish in the kitchen, painting a room a new color or learning to change a tire on the car, there was always a project going on at our home.

It was from them that I learned the many skills that I have obtained. Fortunately my husband shares my passion as a DIY’er. Between us and our 2 active kids, we are always on the move tending to our yard and gardens, decorating new areas of our home and overseeing building projects. Being a New Englander, with the change of seasons, there is never a lack of things to get done indoors or out.

With a BA in Psychology and a minor in Art, I focused my earlier career in the health insurance industry, while spending some time on the side creating hand painted furniture and paint murals. After leaving the workforce to stay home to raise my kids, I found myself spending more time creating and doing painting projects, and found my love of decorating and gardening.

As Director of Done, my goal is to look after your home as if it was my own. With my meticulous attention to detail, I ensure that each project I take on will be executed to completion. What I love most is that each day of work brings something new and challenging and lets me help others do what I love....and I never have to sit still.

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Ellen Nolan

Captain of Organization and Oversight

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My family would be the first to agree when I say, I thrive in a busy environment. Whether I’m working in the yard, tackling a clean-out project or running my kids around to sporting events, I am definitely in my element when I have a lot going on!


Prior to having children, I enjoyed a fourteen year career in the wine and spirits wholesale industry as a fine wine distribution and events manager. My position required extreme organization, the ability to multi-task and interact with suppliers, customers and sales representatives. My days were always very busy and I loved it, but when my daughter was born I was fortunate to transition into a new role, stay at home Mom. 


As my children grew into teenagers and became more independent, I found things slowing down for me and I began to contemplate working outside of the home. I was thrilled when I heard Eldredge Property Services was expanding, as I have watched Kate rapidly grow her business into a successful, much in demand, custom service.


I take great pride in all aspects of my responsibilities at EPS. I ensure every task will be met with organization, attention to detail and an unwavering work ethic

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Chrissy Nelson

Agent of Action!

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I grew up in New York where my Dad owned a construction company. We used to go to his office and visit him and workman would also come to our house. My little brother constantly had a tool belt on and I wanted one too. I went to Colby Sawyer College and got a BA in psychology. I worked at a radio rep company for several years and then married my husband and had three boys. I then took a class to become a Nursing assistant so I could help the elderly population. I presently do that and absolutely love it. I also finally get to virtually wear my tool belt by working for Eldredge Property Services. I have learned so much through our team and I love being right around the corner and having the ability to serve all of our clients.

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