Eldredge Property Services Standard Property Oversight List

Walk perimeter of your home to attempt assess or observe:

- Indications of attempted access, leaks, cracks, or damage to windows, doors or screens

- The level of care provided, and any damage caused by, lawn and/or snow removal service       companies

- Generator readiness if it has an observed system indicating readiness or a readable remote monitoring system

- Damage to or obstruction of roof and gutters observable from ground level

- Packages, newspapers or other uncollected deliveries 


Upon entering your home, EPS will:

- Check and record thermostat settings and readings, and oil / propane levels

- Test faucets in sinks, tubs and showers to ensure expected function

- Flush all toilets to check for leaks and function - (generally this lubricate seals and prevents odors)

- Run garbage disposal (if applicable)

- Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures

- Short-cycle the dishwasher once per month to ensure function and prevent odors

- Reset clocks on appliances after power failures

- Confirm all door and window locks

- Check garage for an attempted access or pests

- Check electric panel for tripped or hot circuit breakers

- Look over hot water heater for leaks, corrosion

- Check PSI gauge on boilers

- Observe all ceilings, coves for leaks / damage


In addition, we can perform the following tasks at customer request: 

- Water plants

- Start and run cars for short time in current location

- Monitor in-home voice mail

- Check security lamps / lights on timers and replace bulbs as needed


Often EPS oversees contractors and subcontractors working to address specific needs defined by the homeowner. EPS is not a licensed construction general contractor, but we help coordinate licensed professionals as needed, and observe and report concerns to the homeowners.


We recognize that every property is unique. Upon initial consultation we create a checklist specific to the needs of your property. Our services are individualized and our frequency in your home is based on the identified needs.


In general EPS visits each property weekly and within 24 hours of a substantial storm. Frequency and responsibilities of our property visits are noted in each home’s individual service contract.