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Home Watch Services

Phone: (781) 910-5901

Eldredge Property Services provides professional, reliable and affordable property management and interior and exterior home check up services. Our objective is provide peace of mind to homeowners when they cannot be there. We are the 'eyes and ears' for homeowners and help to identify and remedy potential issues.

Our extensive partnerships with vendors across the industry spectrum allow us to coordinate a variety of property services, repairs and specific needs defined by the homeowner. EPS is not a licensed construction general contractor, but we do work as a trusted advocate of homeowners. We coordinate licensed professionals as needed and carefully observe and report any issues of concerns to the homeowners.

EPS will schedule, coordinate and monitor projects, leaving you more time to enjoy your home, or your time while away.

A recent example of a happy Eldredge Property Service client:

For over 3 years EPS has managed the daily home needs. Responsibilities have included receiving shipments and packages, managing the heating, irrigation, landscape, pest-control, cleaning, and similar service providers. EPS continually monitors our home, and is the first responder to our security and temperature alarm, as well as the coordinator of renter needs. EPS "meticulously manages this family's home and provides them with peace of mind while they live in CA.

Eldredge Property Services is insured and bonded.  Call (781) 910-5901.