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Our clients are discerning, and appreciate that a home is an investment. Our job is to make sure your investment yields the greatest return possible, whether for sales income or just sheer enjoyment.


If you are a realtor, an asset manager, a homeowner, or owner of rental property, we offer a full range of services to meet your individual needs. Eldredge Property Services provides the dedication and expertise to ensure your property is the best it can be.


Realtors and asset managers rely on Eldredge Property Services to prepare a home for a quick sale at its highest market rate. Bringing organizational skills and a vision for showing a home in its best light, Eldredge Property Services is often called on to facilitate an efficient sale.


Homeowners call on Eldredge Property Services as your their 'right-hand' for quality, affordable service. We keep an eye on your home when you can't, while also helping you to tackle the chores necessary to provide peace of mind, all year-round.

 phone number: 781-910-5901